What is nom?

Urban dictionary says…

NOM:  The sound made when eating something (or someone).  Can be referred to as “nomming” as a verb, and is often pronounced in the sentence “om nom nom.”  Example, “Omg, there’s someone eating my arm!” *om nom nom*

Not good enough?

Oxford dictionary says…

NOM NOM:  Used to express pleasure at eating, or at the prospect of eating delicious food.  The most catching word to say when eating or wanting to eat something.  It can be used as an ice breaker with a new group of people.  It can also be used to agree with an idea.

See, it’s a real word.


2 thoughts on “Nom

  1. you are an absolutely talented writer! I can feel your passion for cooking and food by the way you write. Looking forward to trying your delicious creations in the future! Good luck!

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