My Favorite Baking Tools

Being in culinary school means I have to buy a lot of tools and equipment.  Even though all of my baking tools add up to quite the expense, I think of it as more of an investment.

My newest purchase, an Ateco cake turntable that I absolutely love.  This baby is heavy duty with a cast iron base and thick aluminum table. I don’t expect this thing to break for years, if ever.   And it’s so pretty, it would also make a lovely cake display (my significant other, however, enjoys it as a laptop stand).  For only $50 at Amazon, I consider this an awesome purchase.

photo 2Every once in a while I love spreading out all of my tools and looking at my collection.  I especially love the Ateco brand baking tools.  They are well made, good for professional use, but aren’t bank breaking. Ateco’s Ultra brand also has ergonomic handles on their tools that feel wonderful in the hand.  If you are thinking about investing in some new baking tools, definitely check them out.

Below is a collection of some of my all time favorite tools:

photo 3

  1. Ateco, Large Straight Spatula – perfect for icing cakes
  2. Ateco Ultra, Small Offset Spatula – great for decorating small tarts
  3. Escali Primo, Digital Scale – this light weight scale is accurate and it comes in a ton of fun colors
  4. OXO Pastry Scraper / Chopper – great for cutting dough and scraping dried bits off your work space
  5. Ateco Pastry Tips – I have these in the star and round set, but the french star tips are especially lovely
  6. Plastic Bowl Scraper – great for scraping everything and super cheap when bought locally
  7. Ateco Cake Knife – a wonderful and necessary tool for cutting layers in cakes because an inflexible bread knife won’t do

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