Aunt Penny’s Buttercream Frosting

photo 1This is by far my favorite buttercream frosting.  The milk gives it more depth of flavor than regular buttercream frosting and it holds up great in warm weather.  It also helps that I received this recipe from my Aunt Penny who is one of the best bakers I know.  I piped the frosting on to the cupcakes with an Ateco star-shaped pastry tube (size 826) and a 16″ Wilton Featherweight decorating bag.


5          Tbsp. flour

1           c. milk

1           tsp. vanilla extract

1           c. granulated sugar

1           c. butter, softened to room temperature

In a small pot, cook the flour and milk until it becomes a thick paste, stirring constantly with a whisk (and spatula to scrape the edges of the pot) to prevent lumps.

Set aside in the fridge to cool thoroughly.

In a mixer, cream together the vanilla, sugar, and butter.

Add the cooled milk mixture to the mixer and whip on high speed until all of the sugar dissolves.  Scrape the edges of the mixer bowl periodically to incorporate all of the ingredients.  Then switch to low speed to add air and fluff to the frosting.



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