Fundamentals of Baking

I am now four weeks into my first baking class and we’ve made some pretty amazing things: braided challah bread, rich brioche, flaky pie dough, filled cream puffs, fresh fruit tarts, and airy chiffon cakes, just to name a few.  We’ve also assembled many, many layered cakes with chocolate ganache, raspberry jam, lemon curd, buttercream icing, and fluffy meringue.  There has also been the use of a lot of interesting (and weird) products that I have never heard of before like nappage aka sparkle glaze, glucose, industry grade food coloring, and gooey fondant icing.

This week, we are working on Danish pastry dough and puff pastry, which means croissants are coming soon!

The types of things we are making are truly amazing and even beyond that I am gaining skills and confidence doing these things that I once thought were impossible.  And oh the creative possibilities!

IMG_5330 IMG_5586 IMG_5596 IMG_5648 IMG_5684 IMG_5708 IMG_5720 IMG_5742 IMG_5752 IMG_5753


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