Blood, Bones & Butter


I love me a good memoir, especially one surrounding food.  I love reading how people describe their food experiences and make you feel as if you are there dining with them.  I love living their amazing and worldy adventures through their words, especially since I am secretly an aspiring food writer (and / or professional pet photographer, both total dream jobs).

My current read, Blood, Bones & Butter is a beautifully written book about the culinary adventures of writer and chef Gabrielle Hamilton, who refers to herself as the reluctant chef.  It’s such an incredible memoir that I can’t even wait to finish the book to share this exciting and soulfully written work.  Gabrielle writes about food and her experiences with such depth and finesse.  And her life experiences are just incredible!  To her lavish family parties with whole lambs roasting in the backyard, to tearing it up in Brooklyn at the reckless age of 17, traveling the world at 19, and summering in Italy with her unconventional family, she has lived the most incredible life and writes about it in a most unassuming way.

And, oh, the things you will learn in this book!  I had to read this book next to an open laptop to find out all of the unique dishes she writes about, like the Greek dishes saganaki (a popular fried cheese appetizer) and skordalia (a spread containing crushed garlic and a puree of either potatoes, walnuts, almonds, or soaked bread), and burratta (a soft fresh Italian cheese made of mozzarella and cream) and that jambon is simply ham in French.

Blood, Bones & Butter is one of those books that makes you want to stay up all night reading it and carry it all day in your bag, just to be near it, just in case you happen to have a free moment to read it.  And most of all, it’ll also make you want to get up and go eat the whole world.


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