Beacon Food Forest (Seattle is so rad!)

Seattle is always doing cool new things and here is one more thing… The city is currently creating what is called a Food Forest and it is exactly what it sounds like.  With grants donations and special funding, the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods is building a self-sustaining forest made of edible plants for the public.  Plans for the urban food forest are underway on seven-acres in the Beacon Hill neighborhood.  It’ll be a complete ecosystem filled with lush fruit trees and leafy green covering.  This is going to be the first public park like this.  So rad!

I can already imagine it… strolling through a forest of apples, blueberries, kale and fresh herbs.  Picking some fresh raspberries or guava for a snack and taking home a handful of basil for a dinner of fresh pesto.  A veritable food oasis.  How romantic!

And if you are feeling a little stressed or bored, nothing is better than the putting your hands in the garden and giving back by pulling some weeds or pruning the tomato plants.  Seattle (Portland forgive me), you are the raddest.  If only more cities would do this…

To read more about the Beacon Food Forest see here or watch this Vimeo.

You can even donate here!

logo_BFF_013 Seattle_FoodForest 536403_585014608182994_1431750072_n


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