The Holy Grail of Cinnamon Rolls

At first I was incredibly intimidated of baking cinnamon rolls.  Even when I was half way though the process I thought the recipe may have been disastrously flawed, but success was had!  Thanks to my good friend Debbie’s grandmother’s vintage rolling pin I was able to whip up the most fluffy and moist cinnamon rolls.  And it actually wasn’t that hard.  The dough rose beautifully and the cream cheese frosting was fantastic.  Sweet with a perfect amount of tang.  I could’ve used more of the cinnamon filling, but that’s because I  have a massive sweet tooth.  If I were to double the gooey cinnamon filling it would be just like a Cinnabon, no joke.  This is a seriously good cinnamon roll.

In fact, this could be my thing.  My mind is already reeling with all of the things I could do with this super successful dough recipe: blueberry cream cheese, rum raisin, caramel pecan… oh my!

And here’s the recipe I used from the ingenious Ms. Humble Pie.

photo-6 photo-7a photo-5


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