Sweet Potato & Sausage Hash

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For brunch or dinner, this is a winner!  And so many ways to eat it: garnished with parmesan cheese, topped with queso fresco, or folded in a flour tortilla.

1 lb.            sweet potatoes

1/2 lb.         yukon gold potatoes

1 lb.             sweet italian sausage

1                  large onion, diced

3 Tbsp.        olive oil

2 Tbsp.        butter

4                  garlic cloves, chopped

2 tsp.           rosemary, dried

1 tsp.           thyme, dried

1 tsp.           oregano, dried

1 tsp.           red pepper flake

4                  eggs

1/2 c.           flat-leaf parsley, fresh

Fresh crack pepper

Kosher salt

Parchment Paper

Sauté the diced onion in 2 tablespoons of olive oil on medium heat until just softened and golden.  Set aside.

Remove the casing from the sausage then sauté until cooked through. Set aside.

While the sausage is cooking, peel and dice the potatoes into 1/2 inch cubes and set aside.

Add the butter and remaining olive oil to the sauté pan.  Add the chopped garlic and sauté for one minute.  Add the rosemary, thyme, oregano, and red pepper flake and stir.  Add the peeled and diced potatoes and toss until coated with the herbs and butter.  Set aside (the potatoes will cook in the oven)

In a big mixing bowl, mix together the sautéed onions, cooked sausage, and potato hash mixture.

Line a large cookie sheet with parchment paper.  Preheat the oven to 450F.

Spread out the sausage and potato mixture on to the lined cookie sheet making sure that it is an even layer.  Liberally season the hash mixture with kosher salt and cracked pepper.

Bake for 30 to 45 minutes depending on how brown and crisp you want the hash to be.

After it is cooked, transfer to a serving dish.

Cook the eggs in an easy-over or poached style, and then place on top of the hash.

Chop the fresh parsley and sprinkle on top of the entire dish for a garnish.

Top with optional garnishes of parmesan cheese, romano cheese, or queso fresco cheese.

Enjoy as is or in flour tortillas!


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