Baked Eggs, a Tragedy


Baked eggs are deceiving and not to be trusted.

I’ve always loved baked eggs.  It’s always seemed like such an elegant dish.  However I never thought they would be so difficult and, yes, deceiving.

A few days ago I made a sweet potato and sausage hash.  The highlight of the dish, for me, was the eggs that you baked over the entire dish. The recipe called for an oven temperature of 425 F for 15 to 20 minutes.  It seemed like an awfully high temperature for an awfully long time, especially since over-easy eggs take just a couple of minutes to make.  I was totally right.  I went against my instinct and cooked it for the 15 minutes and was left with a super dense and rubbery disk of an egg.  You can even see where I poked a super clean hole to test the egg.  It was completely tragic.

I let them cook as long as I did because they looked completely raw while cooking in the oven, even after the 15 minutes (deceiving!).  I double checked online and found these correct instructions with a much lower temperature and for less time, 325 F for 10 to 12 min.  I’ll get them right next time, but for now I may stick to over-easy eggs.

The lesson here, which is true with all things in life, is to trust your instinct and do your research.

But still, tragic…


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