Cake Tart

I’ve been on a cake-tart kick lately.  What exactly is a cake-tart?  From what I gather it is a shallow round cake, shallow like a tart and cake-like in consistency (also, I may have just made that word up).  But I also call it cheating.  Because I lack the supplies and know-how for real cake baking I love these little cheat recipes.

This bastard child of the baking world is my new favorite thing to bake.  Not only are they easy and really good, but they also appeal to my simplistic approach to cooking.  I also love that they are easy to slip into your everyday life.  It would be easy to look down on eating Chocolate Decadence Cake everyday, but a fresh strawberry cake-tart is much easier to justify. 🙂

Here are two cake-tart recipes I’ve made in the past week…  Apple Coffee Cake (Tart) and Strawberry Tart Cake.  Both use fresh fruit, are baked in a glass pie dish, and require just a few everyday ingredients…. voila, festive tart-cake for everyday eating!  I could get used to a world where cake is eaten everyday.

photo-23 photo-26photo-28 photo-29


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