“Cooking for Lucy (the hamster)”

It’s been a while since I last blogged and was hoping to regale a tale of successful Indian cooking tonight.  However this is not the case. Instead of chicken tikka masala, the dish I made tonight came out tasting more like chicken cacciatore.  I barreled through making this dish, refusing to be intimated by the unfamiliar mixture of spices, but it seemed too much for me.  Le sigh.

So to make up for my this, I’d like to present a blog originally brought to my attention by bestie Sabrina.  It’s called, “Cookin 4 my hamster Lucy.” It is exactly what it sounds like and it is so awesome.  There is this guy that actually prepares little tiny dishes for his hamster Lucy and it is freaking adorable.  He makes tiny burgers, tiny spaghetti, and even tiny hotdogs.  It’s part of his larger project “Hamster Tracker” and it monitors his hamster’s stats, like exactly how far his hamster runs on it’s exercise wheel and it’s water consumption.  He even has a crazy huge hamster maze habitat for Lucy.  Sure he’s probably a bit obsessive, but Lucy has got to be the happiest hamster, ever.

See here for more hamster recipes and here for the whole blog!



You’re welcome.


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