My School Rocks!

In the short time I’ve been going to culinary school, I’ve known my school was rad.  But they just got radder…

My school is super into sustainability, which I love.  The culinary program started their own organic garden with an aquaponics system, which is super eco-friendly since it simply recycles the same water to grow vegetables, and they also make their own compost.  Nothing goes to waste.  All leftover food scraps from the culinary program is saved and fed to the worms in the vermicompost system or put in a their giant compost system.  They also make their own mulch.  All of which goes into the organic garden.

And now they are making plans to turn all of their used cooking oil into bio-diesel which will be used to power biodiesel golf-carts for the school.  I couldn’t be more proud to be at this school and to be volunteering in the organic garden.

photo-7 photo-8 image_gallery 0_23_biodiesel_bottle


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