Copper, bad!

Copper pots and pans hanging in a kitchen
Why do people even make these?!!

I just learned some crazy stuff in my new Food Safety  & Sanitation class.  Did you know that copper pots and utensils create a chemical reaction with certain foods that are FATALLY POISONOUS?  How do I not already know this??  Are other people unaware of this??  It seems like a pretty important thing to know,

While copper pots are beneficial when whipping eggs or making chocolate, it is basically harmful with every other foods including anything acidic (tomatoes, lemon, citrus, etc.), dairy (milk, cream, yogurt, butter), pickled foods, and honey.

And even though whipping eggs in a copper pot will cause it to be light and airy longer, if you add the whipping agent cream of tartar which is also acidic, again, fatally poisonous!

I can already tell that this class is going to be bad for my hypochondriac nature…


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