“Milk and Cream are not equals” – Choco & Orange Zest Scones


Last week I used a recipe online to make chocolate chip scones. The recipe called for a whole cup of heavy cream and a bit of butter. But after eating all those bacon cheddar scones and reading the nutrition label on the heavy cream box (one tablespoon is considered a serving, as if!), I felt pretty guilty.  The recipe was good and loaded with lots of chocolate chips but was also one-noteish and lacking in depth.

So this past weekend I decided to make the recipe again but this time with orange zest for some freshness and whole milk to replace the heavy cream.  Turns out, milk is not a good substitute for heavy cream. In fact, it’s terrible.  The dough was so liquidy that it was more like pancake batter.  Without the fat content, the dough was limp and sad looking.  So naturally I added more flour to tighten it up. A lot more. In fact, I probably added about another two-thirds of a cup.  I scooped the thickened dough onto parchment paper, stuck it in the oven, and crossed my fingers.

As you can imagine, the scones came out super dense.  The scones were more like bread rather than flaky and crumbly like a scone should be.  Guess I should’ve stuck with the heavy cream.  So much for trying to be healthy…

And here is the corrected/fattening recipe.


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