Emotional Baking: Angry Bacon & Cheddar Scones

Apparently I am an emotional baker.  In a very emotional state this morning, the only thing I could think to do with my pent up energy was to bake.  Is that weird?

I’ve also been on a scone kick lately and am very much into savory pastries.  So I made the most unhealthy scone recipe I could think up and named it Angry Bacon and Cheddar Scones.  I took a pretty basic cheddar scone recipe and transferred it into U.S. terms, ounces versus grams, and added all kinds of bad stuff… butter, heavy cream instead of milk, bacon, fresh chives, and fresh pepper.

I think they came out pretty good, can’t really tell, I’m still feeling kind of emotional.  However I can tell you that they are definitely unhealthy. But sometimes you just need to go there.

And here’s the recipe.

photo-11 photo-12photo-13


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