Green Juice & Radishes…

I attempted juicing again today.  The plan was to buy kale and beets to go along with the apples and cucumber I had at home.  In accordance with my juicing experiment I juiced each type of fruit by itself to get both it’s yield and taste them individually before combining.  I was so excited about the beets that I juiced them first.  But why so bitter Mr. Beet???  Because the “beets” I bought were really radishes.  And this is exactly why I am going to culinary school. Because apparently I can’t tell the difference between a beet and a radish…

Truth is, it still took me a few moments after tasting the juice to figure it out.  The radishes had a very peppery and interesting earthy/bitter taste.  But it should go without saying that the radish juice got tossed out.

So I ended up with a greenish juice of kale, cucumber, and apple.  I ended up having the following juice yields:

1 japanese cucumber     2/3 c.

2 kale leaves                   1/3 c.

2 apples                           1 c.

**5 small radishes             1/2 c.

The juice mixture (minus the radishes) had an earthy taste because of the cucumber, a little bitterness from the kale, and a good amount of sweetness from the apples.  Fairly tasty, but not exactly an indulgent treat like a Starbucks soy Mocha.  Which is exactly what I bought myself post juicing adventure.

“beet” juice…
apple juice

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