Juicing: Experiment #1


As soon as I laid eyes on my new juicer my boyfriend and I went straight to the grocery store to pick up fruit.  As new juicers we didn’t know what to expect.  I mean, how much juice can you really get from an apple?  It doesn’t seem like much when you are holding it in your hand.  Maybe 1/3 of a cup?  Maybe only a couple of tablespoons??  Maybe it’s not cost effective at all and that it would be cheaper just to buy some V8 or Odwalla fruit juice. And then there is the waste of all that healthful fiberous pulp.  Well there’s only one way to find out, experiment time!

We spent just under $6.00 and got 4 apples, 4 carrots, and one orange.  However we were still worried that this wouldn’t be enough for a tall glass of juice, especially since apples and carrots seem fairly solid in mass.

For the sake of food science and our own curiosity we juiced the fruits individually to see exactly what their yield were.  We came out with these figures:

4 apple = 2.5 cup of juice

4 carrots = 3/4 cup of juice

1 orange = 3/4 cup of juice

That’s a total of about 4 cups of juice!  Not bad at all especially since a 12 oz. bottle of odwalla juice is about $4.00.  And to feel less guilty about the waste of perfectly good fruit/vegetable pulp, I sprinkled it in my herb pots.

Also, it was delicious.  Carrot juice is surprisingly sweet by itself and the combo all the fruits and veggie was very tasty.

The only downside were the crazy jitters that followed.  My boyfriend thinks it was from the adrenaline high of juicing for the first time (I swear we’re not really that boring), but I know it was actually an intense sugar-rush.  It seems that there is still a lot about juicing we need to learn.

Four apples, four carrots, one orange = intense sugar rush!
Four carrots worth of juice.

3 thoughts on “Juicing: Experiment #1

  1. I’d try adding some veggies in there, and you’d be surprised how easily they blend in with the fruit taste. That way you are cutting down on sugar, but still getting the same yummy taste. Fruit itself is good because the sugar isn’t processed, but sugar is still sugar so you may continue to get jittery!

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