V-day Present: Juicer!


Got a new toy!  Valentines day came early this year and it came with a super sweet new juicer ( ❤ ).  I’ve been wanting one since July after I came back from my trip to Portland, or as I call it, the land of stretchy pants.  There is so much amazing food there.  In a single week there I had gained five pounds and could only wear stretchy pants for the majority of my trip.  I came home wanting to juice myself back to health, but alas, no juicer.  Until now.

Hello world, you are about to get juiced.  Fruits, of course you’ll be juiced first.  Veggies, you’re next.  Mushrooms, why not, you’re probably juicy.  What else could I juice?  Fish?  I bet there’s some juice in you ocean creatures.  Oh the possibilities!  I think I feel my inner mad-scientist coming out.  (muahahaha…)


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