“Cook” Book: Garlic and Sapphires


All I want to do is finish reading Garlic and Sapphires.  Between starting culinary school and my two jobs I now have zero down time.  I haven’t cooked all week and and miss my friends terribly.  I forgot how much time is spent outside of the classroom with various assignments, textbook readings, and studying for quizzes.  I’m overwhelmed but use every available moment to continue reading this inspiring biography (beside eating and blogging of course!).

The world Ruth Reichl has illustrated in Garlic and Sapphires is wondrously entertaining.  She is a darn good writer, and as a former New York Times restaurant critic she ought to be.  She writes with such extraordinary imagery that you feel like you are sitting at the dinner table with her and New York is your backdrop.  She describes her dining experiences as if they are magical and transcending experiences.  Most of all you get a sense of what kind of person she is.  Genuine, humble, thoughtful.  Human.

I also enjoy the actual restaurant reviews and recipes that occasionally show up throughout the book, especially because it doesn’t come off as cheesy or gimmicky as they sometimes do in other books.  If you are interested in food, good writing, or an entertaining read you should definitely pick up this book.  I am very much inspired by this woman’s story and her talent for story telling.  I know I will definitely be reading more from Ruth Reichl.


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