Organic Thoughts


I often get schooled by my good friend about the benefits and political aspects of organic food which always points out just how little I know about where my foods come from and how it gets to my plate.  It’s a subject I’ve always been interested in but have not looked into very deeply.  So I was very intrigued when I stumbled upon this great article about organic and natural foods.  It explains what organic really means including interesting statistics, how to support the organic movement, and both the truths and misleading information being reported to the public.  I especially like the links in the article that show you which organic companies are owned by large corporations and which types of fruits and vegetables should be bought organically due to high pesticide content (usually fruit with thin, edible skins like strawberrys and apples).

Check it out.  Ignorance may be bliss, but knowledge is empowering.  Plus it’ll make you sound super smart when you talk to your friends.

Here’s the link.


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