Weekend Eats: Martha freaking Stewart Pancakes


Homemade pancakes are starting to become a stable on the weekends partially because I always have the ingredients on hand but mostly because they are a fun and yummy way to treat myself and the boyfriend.  They are surprisingly easy to whip up and it’s a fun challenge trying to make that perfect pancake that is evenly golden brown.  And by evenly golden brown I mean no brown spots or odd white jagged edges.  I haven’t attained the perfectly colored pancake yet but know that with each time I make a batch the closer I will become.

Lately I’ve been rocking Martha Stewart’s pancake recipe, because she’s Martha freaking Stewart and she does everything amazingly.  Only thing is that my weekend breakfasts are usually only for two and I end up with a mountain of pancakes.  This is quite dangerous since my boyfriend and I usually dare each other to eat the whole pile which we will attempt to do and then proceed to nap the rest of the weekend away.  So to compensate I’ve cut the recipe in half and added a touch of vanilla extract for a little more oomf.

Here’s the pancake recipe.

Also, topping ideas! – Butter and pure maple syrup melted together as one warm rich syrup.  Peanut butter, honey and cinnamon.  Butter and guava jam.  Honey and sliced bananas.  Fresh whipped cream and seasonal fruit (strawberrys, blueberrys, and peaches, oh my!).


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