Culinary Arts: Attack of the Expensive Books

So I totally forgot how expensive school books are.  After dishing out the money for a semesters tuition I managed to conveniently forget about all of the other costs of going to school.  I spent $260.00 on books so far and may have to purchase more halfway through the semester.

Thinking back on my time in business school I realize that $260 isn’t too bad for books, but this time around I’m paying for school out of pocket.  By fall of this year I will also need to buy chef outfits and a knife set which is both exciting and dreadful at the same time.  At least the books look interesting.

menu marketingnutrition

But how could I have forgotten the dreaded experience of purchasing school books?  Maybe because this time around it feels a lot less like school and more like pursuing something that actually interests me.  The price tags are still a shocker, but I don’t mind all that much because the subject matter interests me.  It’s like I’m investing in me, my dreams, and my skills, which is probably how one should feel in college except that college is no longer viewed as a privilege but rather as a prerequisite to being a “grown-up”.  This time I’m going to learn real skills that I want to learn!

Hmm, I wonder what else I may have conveniently forgotten.  Oh my god, grades!


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