For the Dogs: Homemade Dog Biscuits

The holidays isn’t just for people, it’s for our dogs too.  In fact, I think my dog actually got more presents than I did this year!  And what better way to celebrate our best friends then to bake them some treats.  This year, I made homemade dog biscuits for all our dog friends and family and it was really easy.  Just a few ingredients, and you have fresh, no preservative, healthy and yummy dog treats (I know, I tried them).  But because these are made with fresh ingredients, they will not last long so you will want to refrigerate these treats after a day or two.


The recipe basically calls for two ingredients, whole wheat flour and pureed baby food.  So easy!  And there are so many fun varieties to choose from.  My first set of biscuits where Sweet Potato, Chicken, and Apple.  The second batch I made were Blueberry, Apple, and Oatmeal.  Doesn’t that sound so good?!!  I even used organic baby food, because I actually care more about what my dog eats than what I eat. But it’s important to read the ingredients label because some foods are toxic for dogs like onions which is sometimes found in baby food as onion powder.

But still, the variations are endless, because you can go beyond baby food.  You could puree your own fresh foods and make biscuits with peanut butter and apple sauce with a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Or turkey and sweet potato, with fresh chopped parsley.  I know these treats are meant for dogs, but is your mouth watering too?

And here’s the recipe!


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