Holy Horchata!


Horchata came out amazing!  I let it sit overnight for a total of two days which may have added to it’s supreme tastiness.  The horchata turned out to be creamy and refreshing and perfectly sweet.  I can’t stop drinking it.  I’m completely addicted.  You can taste all of the ingredients in it: the cinnamon, of course, but also the vanilla and a little bit of the honey that adds depth.  And who knew that the starchiness of the rice and just a bit of vanilla soy milk could create so much creaminess without the heaviness that dairy milk usually offers.

And it was especially delicious this morning with my breakfast of toast with peanut butter, banana slices, and honey.


Forgive me for being so harsh with you Horchata.  I will not speak so vainly of you again.

For this and more of my recipes click HERE.


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