Horchata, you bore me.

Even though I’m technically on vacation, I can’t believe how busy and also stressed I still am.  I’m swamped by the holidays and simply catching up on life so much so that I haven’t even got a chance to cook or bake anything, which is what I’ve been looking forward too.  So it only makes sense that I stick to simple recipes right now.

Today’s super easy recipe, homemade horchata.  There is only one place I’ve been able to find horchata where I live so I was super stoked when I saw this recipe on pinterest.  It’s a two day process but it’s so easy.  You basically just blend the ingredients of rice, water, sugar, cinammon, vanilla extract, and honey and let it sit over night.  Then tomorrow I will strain out the rice bits and add coconut milk or possibly soy milk.  So as of right now my horchata is chilling out in the fridge and I am forced to wait a WHOLE day until the ingredients have blended (the part of me that is keen on immediate gratification isn’t happy about this).  It literally took me minutes to get whip this together and I can’t help but feel unfulfilled by the entire experience.  I guess what I really want more than the end product was the process.  The mixing and measuring.  The tactile experiences and watching the transformation of simple ingredients into so much more.  How unsatisfying.

Also, side note:  Have you ever noticed how much a chai latte tastes like horchata?  Perhaps a chai-spiced horchata has a future.



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