At the Market: Co-op Craziness

Today I took my second lunch at the friendly co-op grocery store.  They have an amazing hot and cold food bar that both tastes good and doesn’t leave you feeling guilty about your meal 30-minutes later.  I am a sucker for food bars and any kind of instant food really (tv dinners, woot!) and I always make a beeline for them, ignoring most of the interesting and delicious foods on the grocery shelves.  But this time I took a good look.

There is butternut squash pasta sauce, red and black heirloom tomato polenta with quinoa, black rye bread loaves, and apple dijon grilling glaze.  There is fresh local lilikoi (passion fruit), local okra, and local papaya.  But wait, $8.00 for peanut butter?? Holy crap!!  I can buy at least two JIFs for that.  And $8.50 for a box of organic black tea bags??  My jasmine tea costs three dollars at its most and lord knows I still wait for when it goes on sale.  But, ugh…. it all looks so amazing and it probably tastes amazing too since it’s all natural, organic, local, and not full of chemicals and unnatural coloring agents (which is so gross).  But can I really justify paying $15.00 for a tiny jar of organic honey, or $4.50 for one can of organic crushed tomatoes, or $4.49 for ONE frozen chicken and bean burrito?  I don’t know, but I really want to!

How crazy are these prices??


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