Noms: Organic Chocolate, Heaven.


In the past I learned to stay away from organic chocolate.  All of my former experiences with organic chocolate has been characterized by an onslaught of bitterness and gritty texture, until now.  I’ve been recently frequenting a local organic co-op grocery store and discovered not only a palatable organic chocolate, but one that is really REALLY good. For 25 cents I was able to buy a tiny fingernail size worth of 55% Dark Chocolate from the brand Equal Exchange Fairly Traded.  It was so good I immediately bought 6 more and have been trying to ration them out over the last few days as if it were about to go extinct.  But at $5.39 for the regular sized bar of chocolate, it better be good!  Because that’s like seven packs of kit kats right there.

Not only is this chocolate crazy good, it’s full of all other kinds of good stuff.  This stuff is fairly traded, environmentally sound, organic and all those other words that make us feel like good and noble human beings when we’re really just trying to stuff our faces.  It’s even global, using fairly bought chocolate from co-ops in Peru, the Dominican Republic, and Paraguay and is kosher certified in Switzerland (guten tag!).  It’s also socially certified by IMO which, by my rationalization, means I’m actually helping to save the world by eating this chocolate.

For more info on this yummy, good for the world chocolate and other products by this wonderful company check out   They even have a fundraising program, how cool is that??


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