Monday Lessons: Yeast, you tricky bastard


In our very limited experiences together, yeast and I have always had a pretty good relationship.  Granted, there has really only been one other recipe in which I used yeast consistently.  But still, what happened to us yeast?  Why so fickle?

According to the almighty internet, the below possible scenarios could have happened:

  • It got too hot, too fast, (that’s what she said) and for too long during my short-cut for quick rising in the oven.
  • The dough rose too much and the dough got too light so that it’s structure became unstable. Probably from it’s trip to the too hot rising session in the oven.
  • Yeast hates me.

Okay, that last one is just my own observation.

For more on physically challenged breads check out this handy link: LINK


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