Sunday Bakes: part deux


All in all, I think my English Muffin Loaf Bread came out pretty good even with the great dough collapse, mostly because I love English Muffins.

On first try, I tasted the bread plain.  It was gummy the way English Muffins should be and had a nice crunch with the cornmeal.  It was slightly dense but in a hearty, comforting way, almost reminiscent of focaccia.  And it was especially good with some melted butter and honey.  I used the leftover salted butter I used to coat the bread and for the first time realized just how salty it was.  In it’s melted form it really packs a heavily salted punch.  It’s almost uncivilized.  It’s no wonder so many recipes call for unsalted butter.

I think this could definitely become a breakfast staple for me.  I’ve already mentally filed it away as a menu item in my future/imaginary cafe.  But next time I think I’ll experiment switching out half of the all-purpose flour for some whole-wheat flour for extra heartiness and nutrition.  And maybe I’ll try not taking short cuts in the future.

Baking soundtrack of the day: Montclaire


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