Sunday Bakes: English Muffin Loaf Bread

I love baking with yeast but it can be so darn tricky!

Today’s challenge, English Muffin Loaf Bread.

I found a basic recipe on, where else, Pinterest.  Oh Pinterest, you are the greatest thing ever.  Right up there with Dropbox.  We live in a great age of technology, indeed…

The basic recipe I found only had a few ingredients, made a whopping four loaves of bread, and didn’t call for that signature cornmeal crust that is essential to the nom-iness of traditional English Muffins.  So I cut the recipe in half (because I’m not a competitive eater) and added a dusting of cornmeal.  (toni woo + recipe: English Muffin in a Loaf).

Being the impatient person that I sometimes I am, I decided to take a short cut during the “rising” portion of the recipe.  Yeast doughs naturally need time and a warm place to rise.  So why not the oven on “warm” setting?  I did that once before with my Grandmother’s roll recipe and it worked out great.  So I put the dough into loaf pans and into the oven on warm.  After ten minutes I shut off the oven and let it sit for another 20 minutes.

Prior to it’s trip to the hot box it looked like this…


Kind of sad and a lot smaller in mass than I expected.  And then it looked like this…


Holy fluffy amazingness! Wow wow wow. Simply amazing. I love yeast!  The recipe said it would rise all the way to the top of the loaf pan which didn’t happen and seems absurd, but still, yeast is so magical…

Would it continue to rise if I turned the oven back on warm again?  The logic says yes, and it does!

But of course the second I move it, poof!  The dough deflates and becomes a third smaller than it’s former gloriousness.  Tragic.  I am disappointed to say the least and throw a little (big) hissy fit.  However I still bake it at 350, hoping that the heat will bring it back to height, but it does not.

Is it still delicious?  Yes, very nom-able.  Is it airy and gummy like traditional English Muffins?  Yes, very.  But to have attained such glorious height and then have it swiftly poofed away, tragic.


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